15 Signs Of A Compromised Immune System

We all understand the importance of health, but do you know that bodies display signs of a compromised immune system and we may be oblivious to them.

Signs Of A Compromised Immune System

The global pandemic has caused havoc in every country, determining the activities which can be allowed. Yes, I am talking about COVID-19, this pandemic makes us aware or rather brings to light the necessity of a good and uncompromised immune system.

Immunity, immune system are among the few words heard by us on a daily basis. In fact, it is the most frequently searched word on Google in the past few months.

The immune system is a complex network in our bodies. This network protects our body against infection. It keeps a record of the germs, bacteria, or any other foreign agents it has ever encountered and defeated.

So, when the same microbial organism or any such foreign substances enters our body again it can quickly overcome those.

A healthy body determines a healthy mind, and a healthy mind decides our success rate. With a healthy mind, we are able to focus more attentively on our work and this dedicated focus helps us to get better outcomes and results.

Nevertheless, a healthy body becomes a prerequisite for determining the success rate.

What exactly is a compromised immune system or immunity?

A compromised immune system is the complete opposite of its function. Its ability to protect our bodies from common to rare diseases is hindered in some way.

One of the main causes is poor eating habits and lifestyle. Although, these are not the only reasons. In many cases, it could also be genetic or inherited from our parents or ancestors.

Having said that, it is now important than ever to focus on improving our lifestyle, the food that we eat, and how we spend our time. You can read more about the changes you can make for healthy living.

Here are 15 signs and symptoms of a weak or compromised immune system.

Sometimes we won’t always know that we have a compromised immune system until something drastically goes wrong.

To be honest, this is mainly because we don’t quite pay attention to what our body is telling us. For instance, when you sneeze either it’s an allergic reaction to something or a possible coming of a cold.

So, let’s look at the signs that our bodies show of a week immune system.

1. Cough and cold are always your companion

Have you noticed that you tend to get affected with flu more than your friends?

Signs Of A Compromised Immune System

Common cold and cough are the primary reason why kids skip school and adults take a leave of absence from work. Adults have an average of 2-3 colds per year, and children even more approx 5-7 colds per year, as mentioned by the centers for disease control and prevention.

Even though it may not be a problem in most cases when it happens not so frequently. However, if you are catching every time the season changes or a slight modulation in the weather then that’s a signal your body is giving you.

2. Headaches

This happens to a common issue these days. Approx 90% of the population are reported to undergo this.

frequent headaches can be a sign of weak immune system

The primary reason for headache is constant viewing of the phone and laptop screens. Distancing ourselves from gadgets seems nearly impossible no matter how hard we try only because of the importance and necessity it has acquired.

A review finds that the immune system plays a key role in migraine pathogenesis and that manipulation of immune system elements may be a promising area of development for new headache therapies.

3. A variety of tummy problems

Indigestion, Gas, Constipation, Stomach pain – Does that sound familiar?

stomach problems

A report by the US National Library of Medicine reads: Atrophic or hyperplastic gastritis associated with HP is found in the gastric mucosa, respectively, 90% of cases. The level of a fungal or bacterial infection depends on the level of leukocyte infiltration of the gastric mucosa.

Atrophic or hyperplastic gastritis Helicobacter pylori-associated is a common disease of people in young and working age.

Research also shows that nearly 70 percent of your immune system is located in your digestive tract. So it becomes our first priority to be taken care of it in order to have an uncompromised immune system.

4. Feeling tired all day round

Working day and night constantly and continuously or spending sleepless nights, craving for coffee needs is bound to make you feel tired. However, feeling tired even after taking an ample amount of rest is a sign itself.

feeling tired in spite of good rest

Most of what we are talking about here is not based on a single isolated incident. Pay attention to how you feel overall on a regular basis. If the constant fatigue has been bothering you for as long as you can remember, then consult a physician.

This should necessarily cause for panic, you know what they say, “a precaution is better than cure.”

5. Trouble in swallowing

Having trouble swallowing the food? Is the food causing pain or irritation while moving down the esophagus?

Trouble in swallowing

It can happen due to a sore throat and soon as that’s over, you will be back to eating normally. Whereas, some people experience pain or irritation even when there is no sore throat.

This is caused due to a rare disease called Achalasia that affects 1 in 100,000 people. It is characterized by a loss of nerve cells in the esophageal wall. The cause of this illness still remains unknown, however, a study conducted by a team of researchers at KU Leuven in Belgium, the University of Bonn in Germany, and other European institutions confirm for the first time that achalasia is autoimmune in origin. The study, published on 6 July in Nature Genetics, is an important step towards unraveling the mysterious disease.

6. Blood disorders – Low Platelets Count

You won’t normally find people talking about this order on regular day. This becomes a topic of discussion during the dengue season when the sick struggles to fight for their survival.

Blood infections can affect the liquid part of the blood called blood plasma. White blood cells of the plasma are responsible for fighting against infections.

Autoimmune hemolytic anemia is an uncommon group of disorders that can occur at any age. These disorders affect women more often than men. The cause of this autoimmune is rarely determined even after thorough tests.

Clean blood free from any kind of unwanted or undesirable foreign substances is of utmost importance for a good and uncompromised immune system. It helps the body to fight effectively against foreign unwanted agents

7. Cold Hands

It’s most often found issues in which the hands and feet or other parts do not acquire room temperature and continue to remain at cold temperatures which can result in various other issues.

cold hands holding hot cup of coffee

Your fingers, toes, ear and nose struggle to stay warm when the blood vessels are inflamed. During the exposure to colder temperatures, the skin around these areas turn pale eventually blue. It will return to its normal state when the blood flows regularly.

Doctors call this “Raynaud’s phenomenon.” Immune system problems can cause it, but so can other things, including smoking, some prescription drugs, and conditions that affect your arteries.

8. Numbness in hands and feet

A condition experienced very seldom by people. It is more likely to be ignored because of its scarce occurring nature. Autoimmune diseases, like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, make your immune system attack parts of your own body. This includes your nerves.

Numbness in hands and feet

Some people experience a rather quick development of these symptoms whereas it can be gradual oncoming in some cases. any recent infections can usually trigger them. This could also be caused due to an underlying or pre-existing condition such as cardiovascular disorder.

After a proper examination of the symptoms and previous medical history, doctors will correspondingly try treatments to ease your symptoms.

9. Frequent fungal infections

Fungi are always present around us and we inhale them more frequently than we know. Even after coming in contact with it, not everyone is prone to infection from it.

fungal infections on skin

Such fungal infections can easily occur in cases where you have a weak immune system. Consulting a medical expert at an early stage of such symptoms is crucial in stopping it from getting any worse. This may help prevent serious complications.

These are opportunistic pathogens, meaning, they only cause disease under certain circumstances − such as when the immune system is weak.

10. Delayed growth and development

These symptoms commonly center around infants and children.

kids walking

Researchers reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that Ecuador’s Indigenous Shar population experienced as many as 49% in growth hindrance over the years.

This research provides direct evidence for tradeoffs between immune function and growth in a population that’s experiencing significant environmental challenges,” said co-author Josh Snodgrass, a biological anthropologist at the University of Oregon.

He further added that “This helps us understand why growth faltering is happening to over 150 million children globally.”

11. Skin infections

Skin covers our entire body providing it a certain look and protecting the underlying organs. It is also the most sensitive part demanding a lot of care and attention.

skin infections Signs Of A Compromised Immune System

The symptoms depend on the type of infection. Skin infections such as rashes, redness, swelling, pain, pus, and itching are some of the most common conditions.

These infections can be varied in nature, covering from a smaller area to something that is deep or a larger area.
The skin’s immune system acts as a natural barrier against these infections such as, cancer or toxins and prevents the development of autoimmunity.

12. Joint Aches

A common issue for people of ages above 45. Considering that it’s a common problem most people tend to ignore the sign. However, one needs to pay heed to it.

joint aches Signs Of A Compromised Immune System

An autoimmune response can be triggered due to either inflammation or from the arthritis pain. This may result in the worsening of the symptoms.

For unknown reasons, sometimes our bodies immune system can trigger an autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis that causes a long term damage to the cells.

13. Sudden or unexplained weight changes

Are you losing or gaining weight all of a sudden?

Sudden or unexplained weight changes

New research involving a team of Irish, American, and Canadian researchers reveals that the immune system could be responsible for as much as 40% of our body’s ability to regulate weight.

14. Sensitivity to the sun

Blisters, rashes, or redness of the skin while outdoors. These are signs of sensitive skin and lack of immunity.

Sensitivity to the sun

Sun-altered skins can be treated as foreign cells by the immune system, which may lead to further reactions. Rashes, blisters, or hives can be some of the most commonly seen outcomes.

Of course, prolonged exposure to the sun during the hottest days can cause the skin to react to anyone. However, if someone exhibits any signs of irritation with a short time presence is a sign of a compromised immune system.

15. A top-notch stress level

Stressed? Lonely? Or Depressed?
Most of the working people are going through this stress and you can also easily relate to it if you are one among them. This one is a two-way street. Your immunity lowers when you are under stress and if you are constantly stressed that can reduce your immunity.

higher stress levels can be because of compromised immune system

A US report by everyday health reads ‘our research shows that chronic stress is a national epidemic for all genders and ages, particularly those who are 25 to 35 years old.’

It highlights that chronic stress requires maximum attention among the various stress types. This is the stress that makes it hard to sleep well, makes it nearly impossible to lose weight, and find us fighting one cold after another.


To conclude things there, I would reiterate that some of the symptoms mentioned here could be a regular sickness that can happen to anyone. However, one needs to pay attention to the frequency in which these incidents occur in your regular life.

All the above signs of a compromised immune system can act as an early alert from your body. This will help you take the necessary steps by consulting an expert or a medical doctor. As I mentioned earlier, precaution is always better than cure.

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