Can Focusing On Actions & Efforts Get Us Better Results?

Should We Focus On Actions Or Results?

For most people deciding what they want to do is the most difficult part. However, when they have made their decision, they generally set their mind on the results. It’s natural in many ways. How about we try to set our focus on actions instead?

A lot of people have an immensely strong focus in life and they pin their attention towards a goal. There’s nothing that can stop them. We often look at such people and imitate a similar behavior pattern to achieve success in life. We have to keep in mind that what works for others may not work for others.

On the other hand, we only get to know a fraction of the story from others’ lives and with that we can’t possibly clone another one.

I strongly believe that actions hold a greater chance of success while keeping the goal in mind. Shift the focus from the goal that’s distant at the moment and bring our complete attention towards our actions.

I want to take some of your time to bring it to your attention on how and why actions can have a much significant impact. Especially in achieving short term goals that can manifest in reaching the the final goal.

How Focusing On Actions Help?

How Focusing On Actions Help?

Goals definitely have a role to play, there’s denying that. However, having a goal in mind and not ways to achieve can render its purpose useless. Actions, on the other hand, can help you achieve those results. Both are interdependent, one cannot exist without the other.

Let’s take a look at how actions can help us achieve what we want to achieve in a much strategic way.

1. Sense of direction.

Sense of direction

Goals can get us started on a particular path. It may give us a direction, however, actions can help us makes sense of that direction and ensure that we are headed on the right track.

Let’s say, once you have set a particular goal and choose to focus on everyday efforts will get you closer to the finale. You wake up and set out to put in the efforts and take the necessary steps to perform those desired actions.

You follow a similar routine and stay highly motivated to what you set out to do on a regular basis. The final results are always a cumulative total of every days deeds.

2. Can be measured.

Actions can be measured

Everyday actions can be easily measured based on the metrics depending on the respective tasks. You know that you have either performed beyond expectations or barely managed to meet them.

When something that can be measured comes into play, it becomes easier to sit down and analyze the day’s performance met. You start the day with a to-do list and end the day by measuring each task.

3. Quality Control.

Quality Control

How far or closer we get from achieving our goals is primarily dependent on the quality of efforts we put in.

Checking off the to-do list is great, whereas, checking off that list knowing that an outstanding level of work was done. When we choose to focus on actions, we can pay attention to such details. We can then analyze on a regular basis to ensure that we are putting in quality efforts while performing the daily tasks.

Good quality work can be subjective. Not always though. Deep inside we would always know the truth. If we are set out on a path to achieve greater success, we have to be brutally honest about such things.

4. Actions let you enjoy the journey.

Enjoying the journey is equally important

If we don’t enjoy the journey then we only have a 50% chance that we might enjoy the final goal. Staying headstrong about the goal and not enjoying the processing of learning through our actions can leave us fatigued.

When some like that happens, we tend to burn-out more often and most likely lose the interest. It can happen to the best of us.

For example, a long bus drive can either leave us too tired to enjoy the destination or we enjoy the scenic beauty throughout the way. The latter can make a significant difference on how we feel when we actually reach the destination.

Our actions on a daily basis is our journey and it’s important to enjoy that while we are on the way.

5. It helps to break down goals.

Actions can help break down the goals

In order to become a billionaire, you have to start making money first. Then you got to make 1000’s and eventually millions. Once you cross that threshold, you get closer to becoming a millionaire.

My point is that a goal has to be broken down in smaller chunks. The only way to achieve these small or short term goals is through actions. Actions are the only thing that can help you achieve these short term goals.

Measuring and monitoring the actions through the short terms goals and give you a sense of idea of how closer you are getting towards the primary target.

In Conclusion

Starting with an end in mind is crucial in determining where we want to go. However, being stuck on the goal and not focusing on our actions that eventually get us closer to the end can be destructing as well.

Changing our mindset towards actions can have far superior results. As you have seen, there plenty of advantages that are associated with being action oriented.

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Swati Omprakash
Swati Omprakash
1 year ago

I could not agree more on this. Yes, focusing on actions always works better but keep a side eye on the goal.

Swati Omprakash
Swati Omprakash
Reply to  Swati Omprakash
1 year ago

And I love the way you present your article.

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