5 Fashion Accessories I can’t Do Without

5 Fashion Accessories I can't Do Without

Day 5 of the challenge and the question related to fashion accessories are entirely out of my range. I am in most cases, a hippie by heart and try not to follow trends or fashion. In all honesty, I would normally buy clothes that fit well and are comfortable. Besides that, I don’t really fancy any accessories to match up.

If I probably go back a 5-6 years ago, I really loved wrist bands, beads, caps and shoes. I could care less about anything but these were a must.

I have always followed classic rock music, so another peace that I would have a t-shirt of my favorite band.

It might sound redundant, but then a few years ago a lot changed. It tried to incorporate a minimalistic lifestyle, I failed at it pretty soon. However, I tried to get back at it and decided to take baby steps and do away with whatever I could.

Answering anything about fashion accessories is something that can’t really say much.

I think the next question is exciting and happens to be my favorite subject. To give you a hint, it something that we all want but we always fail to truly describe or define. Secretly or not so secretly, we all want it and try to pursue it to the best of our ability.

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